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We Support ProgPoW

ProgPoW is a mining algorithm designed by IfDefElse team as a PoW successor. The Ethereum community is currently considering implementing this algorithm on the Ethereum network. Below you will find our opinion on the matter. Read more

Crypto Mythbusters: Solo Mining Pools Are Useless

When cryptocurrencies came along, everyone mined independently, otherwise known as solo mining. As competition increased, rig owners needed to team up; this is how mining pools emerged. Read more

How to Mine ZelCash? ZEL Mining Profitability, Miner Setup & Main Features

Bitcoin has been around for over ten years now, and it has been forked 41 times. Read more

How to Setup EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner: Step-by-Step Guide

EWBF’s Cuda is one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining programs for Nvidia GPUs. Read more

January – Work Progress Report

Ethereum Classic 51% Attack and Lucky Days on ETC, Akroma Failed Hardfork, ANON, and WhaleCoin Delisting Read more

MOAC Chain Under Attack by Mining Pools [Updated]

We’ve already noticed the problems with MOAC cryptocurrency network this month. Today there was a new 51% attack and we’ve performed a small investigation.

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WhaleCoin (WHL) delisting from 2Miners on February, 1st

On the 25th of January, 2Miners team has delisted ANON coin. ANON developers have performed the hard fork on block 37 000. 10% dev team fee was included in the update – nonsense for a coin like that. Being the pool with the highest hashrate 2Miners was not earning any money from this coin. Conversely, 2Miners were losing some due to the expensive servers. On the 1st of February, one more coin would be delisted from 2Miners – WhaleCoin (WHL).

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How to Calculate Mining Profitability: Top 7 Mining Calculators

Usually, miners are concerned with two things: “how to hold out till the end of the month” and “which coin to mine in order to buy a sports car in a year”.  Read more

2Miners Statement on ANON Mandatory Update

A couple of days ago ANON team announced a mandatory update which takes effect on block 37 000 (approx 27th of January). We want to describe our point of view briefly on this matter. Read more