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September 2022 Work Progress Report: Ethereum Switch to POS, New Coins NEOX and ETHW

Ethereum switch to POS; new pools: Neoxa and EthereumPoW; Expanse, Metaverse, and MimbleWimbleCoin delisting; BTC payouts for Ergo and Ravencoin; node updates.

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How to Mine Neoxa: Specs, Mining Settings, NEOX Mining Profitability

The major event in the mining industry in 2022 is Ethereum’s shift to the PoS consensus algorithm that has put an end to ETH mining on GPUs. Computing equipment owners have to figure out what coins would be the most profitable for mining as an alternative to ETH. One such alternative is Neoxa, targeted at the gaming industry. Let’s get to know this cryptocurrency better and learn how to mine it.

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The Most Profitable Coins to Mine on Different Equihash ASICs: Detailed Comparison

At the beginning of September, Bitmain’s Antminer E9 learned to mine Ethereum Classic (ETC), which became quite popular due to Ethereum’s switch to PoS. Bitmain managed to do that by upgrading the firmware, which was possible thanks to Ethash’s similarity to Etchash. As a rule, ASIC miners can’t change their operating algorithm. For example, ASICs built for Equihash can mine only Equihash – primarily we talk about Zcash ZEC and Horizen ZEN. In this article, we are going to cover the current situation with Equihash devices.

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How to Add Ethereum PoW (ETHW) Cryptocurrency Network to MetaMask Wallet

On September 15, Ethereum successfully switched to the PoS consensus algorithm. A few hours later, anonymous developers forked Eth blockchain and launched the Ethereum PoW coin. It operates like Ethereum was operating before, using the Proof-of-Work mechanism (mining). Since we’re dealing with the fork, ETH wallet holders could get access to ETHW through the alternative chain. Let’s try getting it through MetaMask wallet.

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Get Paid in Bitcoin for Altcoin Mining. BTC Payouts for ETC, ERGO, RVN, KAS, NEXA, ZEC.

A year ago 2Miners mining pool released a unique feature of Bitcoin payouts for the Ethereum mining pool. Now we are spreading this option to the mining pools of other coins. In this post, we explain how the BTC payouts work and how could miners benefit from this feature.

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Confessions of a Miner 2: Is This The End of GPU Mining?

In 2020 we posted one of the most read articles on our website. It is called Confessions of a Miner: How Much I Made in a Few Years of Mining. In the past two years over a thousand people were reading it daily. The author, an anonymous member of the 2Miners chat, has reached out to us asking to post his new article. It’s about the upcoming end of Ethereum mining and the future of cryptocurrency miners.

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پایان ماینینگ اتریوم: چه تاریخی؟ انتخاب بعدی ریگ ها چیست؟ تشریح انتقال به اثبات سهام

انتظار می‌رود که اجماع اتریوم در اواسط سپتامبر از الگوریتم اثبات کار به اثبات سهام تغییر یابد. این رویداد با نام مرج نیز شناخته می‌شود. هنگامی که این اتفاق می‌افتد، پایان ماینینگ اتریوم اعلام می‌شود و شما دیگر نمی‌توانید ارز اتر را با دستگاه‌های اسیک یا کارت گرافیک استخراج کنید. بیایید نگاهی دقیق به مرج و نحوه عملکرد استخر 2Miners Ethereum در ماه سپتامبر داشته باشیم.

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آموزش تنظیم ماینر Antminer E9 برای ماین اتریوم کلاسیک

در تابستان امسال، معروف ترین تولید کننده ماینرهای اسیک به نام شرکت بیت مین دستگاه ماینر جدید خود به نام Antminer E9 را برای استخراج اتریوم منتشر کرد. دستگاه E9 میزان هش ریت عظیم 2400 مگاهش بر ثانیه را ارائه می دهد که می تواند با تعداد 25 کارت گرافیک رده بالای انویدیا مثل RTX 3080 مقایسه بشود. با توجه به اینکه الگوریتم اتریوم به زودی به الگوریم اثبات سهام تغییر خواهد کرد، بیت مین به تازگی سیستم عامل جدیدی را منتشر کرده است که امکان استخراج اتریوم کلاسیک با استفاده از Antminer E9 را فراهم می سازد. بیایید نگاهی به نحوه تنظیم این دستگاه اسیک برای اتریوم کلاسیک بیندازیم.

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How to Set Up Antminer E9 to Mine Ethereum Classic (ETC)

This summer the most well-known ASIC miner producer Bitmain released the new Antminer E9 device for Ethereum mining. E9 delivers a huge hashing rate of 2 400 MH/s which could be compared to 25 of Nvidia’s high-end RTX 3080 graphics cards. With the Ethereum going to POS soon Bitmain has just released the new firmware that allows Ethereum Classic mining on E9. Let’s have a look at how to set up this ASIC for ETC.

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