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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

April 2023 Work Progress Report: New Coin – Kaspa, Ergo Block Reward Reduction

The new coin on 2Miners – Kaspa, planned block reward reduction for Ergo, share difficulty optimization for Monero, and pool node updates.

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How to Mine Kaspa with ASIC and GPU: Settings, Extra Rewards, Dual Mining

This article delves into the world of Kaspa mining, exploring the techniques and hardware utilized for this innovative cryptocurrency. We will discuss the mining processes on both GPU and ASIC devices, highlighting the advantages and challenges associated with each method. Learn how Kaspa’s unique DAG structure impacts mining and uncover the potential rewards for participating in the mining process of this growing network.

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March 2023 Work Progress Report: Calculator for ASIC, Multiple Node Updates

The new version of the 2CryptoCalc was released with ASIC devices support, and multiple cryptocurrency node updates.

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How to Set Up Antminer E9 Pro to Mine ETC, ETHW or CLO

Bitmain recently released its most powerful Ethash/Etchash ASIC mining device – Antminer E9 Pro. 2Miners developers have already tested it and adjusted the pool firmware to support this miner.

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February 2023 Work Progress Report: CKB, ZEC, ERGO, FLUX Node Updates.

Firo wallet problem resolved, Flux reward halving, multiple node updates.

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January 2023 Work Progress Report: New API for CTXC, FIRO Wallet Problem

New API and statistics pages for Cortex, Ergo block reward reduction, Firo wallet problem, Beam delisting from Binance.

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December 2022 Work Progress Report: Year-end Results

ZEC, ERGO, CORTEX node updates, work in progress, the year 2022 results.

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November 2022 Work Progress Report: ZEC and ERGO Node Updates

ZEC and ERGO node updates, mining rewards fluctuation due to the market instability, BTG delisting from Binance.

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October 2022 Work Progress Report: Extra ETHW Rewards, Server Infrastructure Updates, ERGO Reward Reduction

Big blocks on EthereumPoW blockchain; planned ERGO block reward reduction; multiple node updates, new servers deployed.

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