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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

How to Mine CLORE: New KawPoW Coin Setup and Profitability

We’re excited to announce the addition of CLORE to 2Miners, starting from December 4, 2023. Our miners can now explore the opportunities that come with CLORE mining, available in both POOL (PPLNS) and SOLO modes. Discover the potential of this new KawPoW coin in our guide.

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November 2023 Work Progress Report: Crypto Node Updates

In November, 2Miners continued to adapt and evolve with the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. We witnessed important updates in KASPA rewards, several node updates, and are excitedly preparing for the new CLORE coin mining pool. Let’s dive into these updates.

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October 2023 Work Progress Report: Node Updates, KAS and ERG Reward Reduction

In October, 2Miners was focused on adapting to key changes in the cryptocurrency space, ensuring our miners have access to the latest updates. From reward reductions to multiple cryptocurrency node upgrades, we’ve been diligently refining our services to provide the best mining experience. Below are the critical updates from the past month.

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September 2023 Work Progress Report: Bitcoin Cash and Neurai, New Firmware for Ice River Kaspa Miners

In September 2023, our team at 2Miners worked hard to bring some key updates to our users. We proudly added two significant coins, Bitcoin Cash and Neurai (XNA), while making the decision to remove Callisto (CLO). Moreover, we made sure our Kaspa pool is up-to-date by supporting the Bitmain KS3 ASIC device, and we diligently tested the latest firmware for the Ice River Kaspa miners. These changes are vital in ensuring our pool remains competitive and user-friendly.

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How to Mine Neurai with GPU: Specs, Miner Setup, and Profitability

Welcome to 2Miners’ latest addition: Neurai, also known as XNA. At 2Miners, we’re always on the lookout for promising cryptocurrencies that bring value to our community. Neurai is one such coin that has caught our attention.

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August 2023 Work Progress Report: Enhanced KASPA Pool Optimization, BTC Payouts for Nexa

In August, the 2Miners team continued to innovate, focusing on optimizing the mining experience for our users. We are delighted to share the significant advancements we’ve made, from the expansion of our payout options for Nexa to further improvements in our Kaspa mining operations.

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July 2023 Work Progress Report: New Coin Nexa, Kaspa Geo Servers

Nexa coin pool released, multiple updates for Kaspa pool to improve the miners’ performance, mining software updates.

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How to Mine Nexa with GPU: Mining Settings and Profitability

This article is about Nexa mining and the techniques you need to know for mining this cryptocurrency using your GPU. We will look at the details of the mining process and the cryptocurrency wallets available for Nexa. We’ll also discuss the potential rewards for those who participate in mining Nexa. Whether you’re new to mining or an experienced miner, this guide can help you understand how to get the most out of Nexa mining.

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June 2023 Work Progress Report: Kaspa Block Reward Reduction, Nexa Pool Testing

Nexa pool is ready and being tested, planned block reward reduction for Kaspa blockchain.

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