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August – Work Progress Report

Ethereum Classic problems, Zelcash halving, 2CryptoCalc ver 2.0, Grin C31 removed, Cortex on 2Miners.

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Ethereum Classic Future – Discussing ETC Network Current State and Security Plan

Ethereum Classic network has experienced two 51% attacks last month causing serious consequences: 6 500 blocks declined, miners and mining pools have lost at least 1 complete day of work, exchanges have lost more than $5.6 million due to the double-spend. Recently ETC developers have released a Network Security Plan which aims to protect the coin in the future. In this post, we express our views on the Ethereum Classic problem.

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How to Mine Cortex? Mining Settings, CTXC Profitability, Coin Features

Many cryptocurrencies follow the Bitcoin model offering the possibility to store and transfer value. Others follow the Ethereum example and go further. They become a global platform for decentralized apps and smart contracts. Cortex chose a different path. The developers decided to combine blockchain with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let’s talk about the cryptocurrency and its mining in the 2Miners pool.

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Ethereum Classic under Another 51% Attack. What Do We Know about the Attacker’s Actions?

This weekend the Ethereum Classic network has suffered a 51% attack. As a result, around 3 500 blocks have become orphans, while miners have wasted around 12 hours of work. The ETC developers have been slow to react and haven’t performed any actions to protect the network. Yesterday it has suffered another attack. This time it was even bigger.

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How to Mine MimbleWimbleCoin? Mining Settings, MWC Profitability, Pool, Features

Bitcoin is not an anonymous cryptocurrency. Anyone can trace your identity to a certain address so that all transactions become evident. The developers are working on enhancing BTC confidentiality, but the progress is slow. That’s why we see new anonymous projects being launched. One of them is MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC). Let’s find out more about the coin and its mining.

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July – Work Progress Report

Grin Hardfork, BitcoinZ delisting, MimbleWimbleCoin on 2Miners, Ethereum Classic under attack.

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Ethereum Classic Blockchain Split – 3000 Blocks Got Orphaned

Today we have witnessed perhaps the largest network split in the Ethereum Classic history: a chain of about 3000 blocks (that is about 12 hours worth of mining) got orphaned, destabilizing the whole network and causing major issues with the mining pools, exchanges and infrastructure nodes of the network.

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Grin Version 4 Hard Fork. What Will Change and How to Get Ready?

Last time the Grin hard fork happened on January 16, 2020. Back then the developers upgraded to version 3.0 and implemented the Cuckaroom mining algorithm. This week they will perform another hard fork. In this article, we will talk about the latest hard fork and what the network users should do.

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June – Work Progress Report

Beam Hardfork, unstable BTG, new 2Miners front-end.

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