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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

April – Work Progress Report

60 000 Miners in the pool, Ethereum Berlin Hardfork, PPLNS system updates for Monero, ZEL has become FLUX, MEV in Ethereum pool is now shown on the blocks page, new mining software.

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March – Work Progress Report

50 000 Miners in the pool, new languages, MEV extra rewards for Ethereum, Monero minimum payout reduction, GRIN and MWC problems.

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2Miners MEV Strategy: More Profit for Miners with Help of Archer DAO

2Miners is striving to be on the edge of innovation and is always in search of improving the experience and the income for its miners. Let us tell you about our partnership with Archer DAO, the innovative platform (and the team behind it!) that brings Miner-extracted Value profits to our miners.

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Ethereum Mining Profit Is Down. What Happened and What to Do?

The title of this article is the most popular question miners ask the 2Miners pool tech support and all mining chats. The only question that’s even more popular is the discrepancy between the profit and the calculator estimate. But this is a different story. In this article we are going to explain why Ethereum mining rewards change daily and why all mining calculators are lying.

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Nvidia RTX 3060 Mines Ethereum without Restrictions. GPU Test Results

The RTX 3060 release has become the most memorable of the Nvidia releases. The green brand reduced the hash rate of Ethereum mining on its new graphics card so that it’s less desirable to miners. It was working as intended at first, but now the restriction is removed. We tested the RTX 3060 and measured its hash rate. Keep reading to find out the results.

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Definitive Guide: How to Create and Sell NFTs. 2Miners Crypto Art Collection

The major cryptocurrency trend at the beginning of 2021 is digital art with the use of blockchain. Blockchain properties guarantee the authenticity of NFT-based works of art and allow users to make unique collections of pictures, animations, and songs right on their computer. 2Miners unique pictures are now listed as well. Let’s see how we created them and how to buy them.

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How To Overclock Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards on Different Algorithms

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of traction this year. Bitcoin is at 58 thousand, while smaller coins are also setting new all-time records. At the same time, mining experiences the upsurge in popularity. At the end of November 11 thousand people were mining cryptocurrency in the 2Miners pool, whereas now there are over 44 thousand. If you are also thinking about cryptocurrency mining and you are planning to use Nvidia graphics cards, this article is for you. We’ll explain how to overclock graphics cards to maximize profit and do it right for different algorithms.

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February – Work Progress Report

Ravencoin and Ethereum pool updates, ETH mining software testing, 2Miners stratum-ping tool, new 2CryptoCalc features.

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Stratum Discard Flag: How 2Miners Improves Your Miner Performance

Frequent restarts of the mining software solution search could cause the loss of hashing power and lower the possibility of finding the block. In this post, we talk about the stratum innovation called discard flag and how could its usage increase the hashing rate of the miner.

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