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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

Ravencoin Hard Fork Introducing the New X16Rv2 Algorithm

Ravencoin was created by Game of Thrones fans. They named their project after ravens which in the fictional world of the show serve as messengers of truth. The show ended, but the blockchain project goes on. Moreover, it will be forked soon in order to stop ASICs from dominating the network. Let’s get into it. Read more

Ethereum Classic Developers To Perform Atlantis Hard Fork. Why And What Will Change?

Ethereum Classic appeared in 2016 as a result of Ethereum hardfork. After the DAO attack worth $50 million the community split into two groups. The first group decided not to interfere with the blockchain operation to “cancel the attack” and kept using the old chain, thus creating Ethereum Classic (ETC). Now ETC developers are going to perform a hardfork. Let’s get into it. Read more

lolMiner: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have AMD cards, we recommend mining the coins with lolMiner. The miner is available for other algorithms as well. Let’s get into it. Read more

August – Work Progress Report

Beam’s month on 2Miners: Beam mining pool, Beam successful hardfork. Mining software updates.

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How To Mine Beam? Definitive Guide

Beam has become one of the main discoveries of 2019. The mainnet was launched on January 15. After just one week the Litecoin creator admitted its potential even compared to Bitcoin. Today it keeps working and bringing great profits to miners. This week Beam has joined the 2Miners pool, so let’s get into it. Read more

July – Work Progress Report

GRIN and ZEL successful hardforks, Ethereum node update, SSL connection, AKA and MUSIC delisting, new Nicehash platform, mining video guides.

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PhoenixMiner: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Cryptocurrency mining is a profitable business. If you want to join the private club of crypto millionaires, you’d better get started right now. Today we will talk about mining on PhoenixMiner. Read more

Akroma and Musicoin Delisting

Cryptocurrency mining is thriving again and miners make a decent profit. Although overall results are great, there are a couple of coins that are falling behind. On July 31, 2Miners pool is going to get rid of two cryptocurrencies. Read more

Infographic: Cryptocurrency Mining Daily Profit

A week ago we discovered Bitcoin perspectives if miners disappear. In short, the network will keep working even if there is only one user, but the process of mining difficulty adjustment would take over 100 years. Today we will discuss another interesting topic: how much do miners earn every day worldwide? Read more