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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

October 2018 Work Progress Report: Email Notifications, Monitoring Bot Upgrade, Minimum Payout Increase, Mining Software Updates

Happy Halloween! While you are busy trick-or-treating we are revising all-new 2Miners things of October. Email notifications are finally working. Telegram monitoring bot @Pool2MinersBot has new features. BTG, ANON, ZEN, ZCL, BTCP, HUSH, MOAC minimum payouts were increased. ZCash was updated to Sapling protocol. Equihash 144.5 mining software was updated.

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September 2018 Work Progress Report: New Monitoring Bot, New Coin ANON, Nodes Performance Increase, 8000 Miners Online

In September we’ve done a lot of work on improving the performance of our pool nodes for multiple coins including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Metaverse (ETP) and other. New servers were placed around the World. We’ve started Anonymous Bitcoin (ANON) PPLNS and SOLO mining pools. New Telegram monitoring bot @Pool2MinersBot is now available.

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How to Mine Anon – Profitability & Mining Pool Setup

ANON is a new ambitious project that was created to provide a new level of user privacy. The coin is only two weeks old, but the profitability of its masternodes is already quite surprising and it didn’t turn out to be a scam. So let’s see how to mine ANON using GPUs. Read more

What to Mine on Nvidia GTX 1070, 1080 & 1080 Ti in 2018 – Most Profitable Coins

Last week Nvidia announced three new GPU models. GeForce RTX 20 Series is based on the Turing microarchitecture and features real-time ray tracing. With the release due in only three weeks and the price starting at $600, you may want to consider mining on graphics cards of the previous generation. Let’s see which coins are best to mine. Read more

Minerstat mining OS review

In the last couple of years, mining has grown from hobby-like activity to interesting and unique business opportunity. We see more and more business opening in the field of mining management, cloud mining, mining rigs hosting, and more. Therefore, it is not unusual that more and more mining clients and mining management software have appeared in the space. Read more

August 2018 Work Progress Report: 2Miners Geo Servers Are Online, New Coin MOAC, Bounty Campaign

In August we’ve done a lot of work establishing our servers all around the World. 2Miners pools are now available in Europe, USA, and Asia. We’ve started MOAC PPLNS and SOLO mining pools and we already got 20% of the network hashrate. Can you do 2Miners better? 2Miners Bounty program is open. Read more

How to mine MOAC? Mining profitability of the Moac Coin

The cryptocurrency industry is developing very fast, one of the reasons are forks – new coins that emerge due to modifications of already existing coins. With all these new cryptocurrencies it is easy to miss something worthy, like the MOAC project. Let’s get into it. Read more

How to mine Akroma? AKA Mining, Profitability, & Rig Setup

Akroma is a small project with very moderate success. You won’t find it on CoinMarketCap, and few exchanges trade it. With that being said, AKA supports mining and masternodes, which is not bad at all. Let’s get to know Akroma better. Read more

July 2018 Work Progress Report: ASIC attack, ETH Uncle Percent Reduction, Forking Summer is Continuing

In July ASIC miners for Equihash and Ethash algorithms have started to mine on 2Miners. Equihash 144.5 is now the only ASIC resistant algorithm. We’ve significantly increased the performance of our Ethash pools this month. New API and monitoring system is being developed. Read more