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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

How to Mine Ethereum Classic: ETC Mining and Profitability

Ethereum Classic appeared in June 2016 after accounts in the DAO were hacked. Ethereum hard fork was supposed to prevent hackers from moving the assets to another account, but some users rejected the fork considering potential human intervention in the blockchain operation unacceptable. As a result, ETC came into existence. Read more

What is Gas in Ethereum? Ethereum Transaction Fees

“Transaction Failed – Out of Gas. What does it mean? What to do?” — these and other similar questions are frequently asked by Ethereum users. Gas, Gwei, contracts – indeed, it’s all overcomplicated. Let’s get into it! Read more

April 2018 Work Progress Report: New Coins, Forks, Geo Pools, Community Growth

We are starting to post 2Miners Work Progress Reports monthly. April was an insane month for 2Miners. We’ve added 3 new coins, implemented features for professional miners, updated the pool core, saved the coins for our miners after an unexpected coin fork and started to build the geo pools network. Let us walk you through all the news step by step.
Read more

How to Mine Expanse: Complete Guide and Profitability

Expanse is a unique coin. The primary goal of its creators was not to take advantage of investors and earn a fortune but to help others. As a result, the Ethereum fork gave birth to an open blockchain platform where anyone can create decentralized applications. Let’s talk about this coin and its mining. Read more

How to Choose a Mining Pool. Step by Step Tutorial

If you want to start mining some rare coin or after 15 minutes on the pool you still have a zero balance, this tutorial is for you. Read more

Mining Bitcoin with GPU – Auto-Sell

Most miners choose Nicehash for mining because they want to get rewarded in bitcoins regardless of what they use – ASIC or a GPU mining rig.  Read more

Asus B250 Mining Expert with 19 GPU Slots – Mining Motherboard Review

Sooner or later every miner wants more GPUs and one big mining rig. Indeed, it is very convenient to have all the graphics cards on one motherboard – you can save on the hard drive, RAM, and CPUs. Read more

How to Mine Callisto (CLO) – Step by Step Tutorial

All miners are familiar with Ethereum Classic (ETC), the second most popular mining cryptocurrency after Ethereum. In March its developers decided to create an alternative coin using the most advanced, not yet tested ideas. Read more

How to Use the WhatToMine – Definitive Guide

WhatToMine is a popular mining profit calculator for crypto coins miners. Some use it to calculate how profitable it is to mine specific coins, while others try to determine which coin is better to mine in general. Read more