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Cryptocurrency mining explained in plain words: mining software and hardware reviews including ASIC and GPU. Expert opinion on cryptocurrency market and future crypto mining outlook.

How To Mine Musicoin

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Musicoin develops tremendously fast. MUSIC launched in February 2017, and the exciting thing is that they did not create the plan for the sole purpose of making a quick buck but instead taking advantage of another Ether fork, rewarding musicians, allowing music lovers the ability to listen to music for free! Read more

How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig [2021 Update]

Let’s see how to choose the right hardware and build a universal mining rig for the Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash) algorithm for such coins as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Callisto, Metaverse, Expanse, Equihash 144.5 (Zhash) algorithm for Bitcoin Gold, Cockoo algorithm for Aeternity, Grin, Cortex, KAWPOW algorithm for RavenCoin, BeamHash for Beam and MTP for Firo (Zcoin). Unfortunately for rig owners, ASIC miners have killed the GPU mining of Equihash algorithm in 2018. The same story has happened with Nervos CKB recently. Read more

Hive OS Linux Mining Platform Review

Before getting to Hive OS, let me start with a short preface about Windows. When computers came into my life, there was MS-DOS. Then I remember how excited I was about OS/2 by IBM, but later came Windows and ruined it all for me, so I switched to Mac OS and forgot about Windows for a long time. Read more

Definitive Guide to Dual Mining: ETC + Siacoin

Everyone has probably heard about dual mining. Let’s talk about its advantages and drawbacks. Read more

ASIC vs. GPU Mining Rig: What is Better?

Bitcoin and Ethereum keep rising, as well as all other cryptocurrencies and the new wave of mining is coming. All of those, who did not become miners in 2017, will undoubtedly try their luck in 2018. Read more

Solo Mining Pools – How to Catch Your Luck

Mining nature is probabilistic. Is it possible to be luckier than others? Why mining is sometimes perceived as a game? Read more

When Will My Graphics Card Stop Mining Ether?

Just simple math. Not magic. Come in, sit down, let’s make some calculations together. Read more

How the Mining Pool Works: PPLNS vs. SOLO

Let’s make it clear what mining is and how the mining pool works. We will try to explain it in a simple “For Dummies” way. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocoin Mining on a Laptop

It’s Friday morning, and that means the weekend is coming. You would like to mine, but you don’t have any farms or ASIC, just your laptop and a lot of work. Sadness and misery. We have a solution! Read more