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Coin Listing

We could add your coin on many algorithm to our mining pool. Both new and established blockchains are supported.

We will need from you the following information:

  • Coin Name and Symbol
  • Github Link
  • Short description of the project
  • Mining Algorithm
  • Block reward distribution. Please mention Uncle rewards if there is any. Please let us know if you have any development fee
  • Launch Date
  • Maximum coin supply
  • Official blockchain Explorer
  • List of cryptocurrency exchanges where the coin is traded if there is any
  • All other special information necessary to create a mining pool if there is any

We provide:

  • High-end dedicated servers located in data centers in Europe, US, Asia
  • Uptime 100%
  • DDOS protection
  • 24/7 support: Helpdesk, Telegram
  • Telegram rig monitoring bot (sends you miner statistics and notifications if a worker goes offline)
  • Telegram notification bots for a new block (for each of the pools)
  • Detailed statistics with multiple graphs for each miner: round share in %, reward if pool finds a block right now, current and average hashrate, offline workers, 1 hour / 12 hours / 24 hours / 7 days / 1 month rewards etc...
  • PPLNS and SOLO pools
  • Social media promotion including Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Telegram

The standard fee for adding a new coin is 2 BTC. The coin would be added to our main servers located in Europe. US/Asia/Russia servers are available on request for 1 BTC each. Marketing services for you coin could be provided by our marketing team on request for an additional price.

Please fill in this form to proceed.