We stand for miners

Our goal is to create an easy-to-use mining pool for miners of all sizes. We take care of and defend the interests of humble 1-GPU miners as well as enterprise mining farm owners. We are aiming for the best user experience and mining rewards. Miners on our pools can be assured we always protect their interests. Our approach is based on these long-held values:

  • Openness - easy-to-use pools and mining explained in layman's terms. We support our miners so they can succeed and achieve the best possible results. Miners of all levels can set up their hardware to work on 2Miners in a few seconds. The pool is well designed by experienced blockchain developers, taking into consideration the advice of the professional miners.
  • Transparency - all statistics are always open on our pools, as are our earnings. We take responsibility for our operations, we analyze and manage risk, and we make clear decisions that we are proud of.
  • Integrity - We always act honestly and fairly. We never cheat with the blocks, hashrate, or any other aspects of our work. We seek to identify opportunity and realize it for our miners’ community. We start with substantial knowledge and experience.
  • Accountability - We are accountable for all our actions, to our miners, our community, and each other. We never compromise our standards. We dare to speak up when we make a mistake or see something that doesn’t seem right in the crypto industry.



When using the 2Miners logo, keep all of its elements intact and do not change them in any way (i.e., distorting, stretching, shifting colors, editing fonts, adding or removing any part of the logo).

Contact Us

Email: support@2miners.com