2Miners is a multicoin cryptocurrency mining pool. It has been established in November 2017. Being miners ourselves we have been making the pool from scratch with the clear vision how should it work. The pool must be:

  • 0) Well designed - miners spend so many time at the pool. The pool must be pleasing to the eye.
  • 1) Fair - not cheating with the blocks or hashrate.
  • 2) Transparent - all statistics could be viewed and analyzed by anyone.
  • 3) Easy to use - miners of all levels could set up their hardware in a few seconds.
  • 4) Caring - notifications are sent to miners when something happens to their hardware.
  • 5) Helping - pool has a Support Team to help the miners 24/7.

Right now we are working with two major algorithms: Ethash (for Ethereum and Ethereum-like cryptos) and Equihash (for Zcash and Zcash-like cryptos). These algorithms for coins mined with GPU rigs.

We provide two Mining Pool Reward Types for each coin we have: PPLNS and Solo.

We have PPLNS ("Pay Per Last N Shares") Pools, where miners work together to find a block. When the block found, the reward split according to their hashrate.

We have Solo Pools, where each miner works alone. However, if he finds the block, he gets the full block reward himself.

Welcome to mine with us! Please check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement before you start.


Mikhail Korolev

Mikhail Korolev

Proud father, husband, and drone-racer. I've been working in IT Industry for more than ten years. I love finding new technology trends and I always try to work on the most promising ones. Cryptocurrencies are in the first stage of the World expansion and we will see a huge leap in their development very soon.
Gleb Shirshov

Gleb Shirshov

I am taking care of business development as well as all kind of communication with our partners and miners including social networking, forums, knowledge base, and blog. I got more than 15 years of sales experience combined with IT background which helps me to advance 2Miners on the market.
Nick Sawinyh

Nick Sawinyh

Growth Marketer, Product Manager
I have over 12 years of experience working in digital marketing and product management. My specialties include product development, brand awareness, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. Here at 2Miners, I'm improving products and services for our miners by using advanced analytics, standing up analytical tools, creating and maintaining models, and onboarding new features to our web properties.
Sergey Litovchenko

Sergey Litovchenko

Lead DevOps Engineer
I am responsible for backend software and server operations in 2Miners. Being an experienced DevOps engineer and project manager, my team and I taking care of server uptime and bandwidth, backup, database maintenance, geo-targeting and many more.
Sergey Grushin

Sergey Grushin

Lead Blockchain Software Engineer
I was working as a database administrator and software developer for 20 years. I am in blockchain technology since 2014. Cryptocurrency workflow and node operation have been my passion for the last two years. In this project, I’m responsible for blockchain pool's activities from A to Z.



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